Coming Soon

In the weeks ahead, there will be a number of posts at this site regarding a new comic book. Not a graphic novel, a comic book. Six and five-eighths inches wide by ten and one quarter inches high, twenty pages give or take. Just like the ones we grew up with… Spiderman, Superman, Batman…. Hmmm, I’m seeing a pattern here. Seems the guys have gotten the lion’s share of the headlines and leading roles in the comic book world. Oh sure, there’s Wonder Woman, Jean Gray, Super Girl (and Woman) and even Bat Girl, but the men have been the superstars, movers and shakers of the comic universe. That’s about to change.

Olivia Myer is a rising star in the comic world. Beautiful, of course, but incredibly smart and resourceful. Like Jason Bourne, without the brainwashing. And she looks much better in a little black dress. Or shorts. Or a bathing suit. Olivia is a spy-for-hire. And she surfs, not always in that order. The story of how she came to be in such a profession… well, dear reader, you will just have to wait to read the story.

Stay tuned for the next issue off Good Guys Bad Guys. Olivia agreed to a sit down interview, so we can get her opinion on all of this. It will be insightful and revealing, I promise.

Stay tuned